ABS plastic handle injection molding with plating surface

plastic  handle  plastic injection molding from

Supply Ability:1000 Piece/Pieces per Month

1) Please try to tell us which grade would you want according to following form:

A Grade B Grade C Grade D Grade
Mold baseStandard HASCO/DME LKM LKM Chinese Local
Cavity steel H13,2344,2343,8407 HeatHard steel 718, 738, P20HH, NAK80 Local P20, WY718 Alunimun, S50C
Standard HASCO, DME LKM Chinese Local /
Mold life >500,000~3000,000 300,000~500,000 100,000~300,000 >10000or only for prototype
Runner Hot runner, cold runner Hot runner, cold runner Cold runner Cold runner
Mold price Most expensive Expensive Cost-effective Cheapest

Custom POS machine plastic housing  injection mold/case injection mold

2) Tell us: Do you want mold only or want mold and plastic product?

3) Tell us: Plastic type and QTY you want?

4) Send us the 3D product drawing (or sample, or pictures with ruler ) then.


Q1:How many molds can you build per year?

We can build 400-500 sets of injection molds per year.

Q2:How many percent of molds are exported?

80 percent of the molds we built are exported to USA, Europe, Japan and other countries.

Q3:When did you start to export molds to USA and Europe?

We had business with them for 8 years. So we know their standard very well.

Q4:Can you make double color injection mold and over mold?

Yes, we can.

Q5:Can you make insert mold?

Yes,we can,we are good at insert molds, too. we have more experience in insert molds.

Q6:Can you make multi-cavity mold?

Yes,we built some of molds with 18,72,97 cavities.

Generally ,we’d control the parts tolerance at 0.01mm, for some of the precision mold parts and components,the tolerance may be 0.001mm at most.We’d assembly the mold after around a 20-day cycle working for the parts manufacturing,in the next we go with the mold trial,2-5times mold trial is reasonable before a qualified sample was made.For these export mold,we’d pack with a wooden case and check again before the shipment…

As for the production molds,we’d strictly run the procedures based on ISO9001 and TS16949 quality systems. And we’d do the best to guarantee the top quality of the products to be exported. ”

Custom POS machine plastic housing  injection mold/case injection mold

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