OEM plastic electronic device case rapid prototype

OEM plastic electronic device case rapid prototype


Process: Vacuum casting


Application: medical device, health care device.

Some of our customers would need prototypes to verify their designs, usually the prototypes are made from SLA, SLS, CNC and vacuum casting processes and then adding on secondary finishes. SLA / SLS are both 3D printing techniques. And vacuum casting using liquid plastic material injection in the simple silicon molds, vacuum casting is using for plastic parts small batch production. As for CNC prototypes ,they are made from cnc machining process which working on plastic or aluminium blocks to form the model we need.

The common processes of rapid prototyping.

SLA:Stereo Lithography Apperance ,its high efficiency and high precision and good surface,could be used to make complex structures products.

SLS: Selective Laser Sintering, its used in muti materials rapid manufacturing, in fact,the material consumption rate is very low.

CNC: Through remove materials from raw material blocks or rods.

Vacuum casting: vacuum casting refers to using the original template to form a  silicone mold and then the liquid material is poured under vacuum to clone the same copy as the original sample.

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