What kind of mold do you make? Plastic injection molding mold, die casting mould or else?

Our products are mostly plastic injection molds,we also own the capability to build die-casting (Zinc alloy and Alu alloy) molds, and we do established partnership with some customers from Europe and US in the past years.

How many molds do you make annually?

Averagely, we make about 550-900 sets molds per year.

Do you have plastic injection machines for mold trial?

Yes, we have. The 12 injection machines ranging from 68 tons to 400 tons.

How many shifts do you operate every day?   

For CNC, EDM and Polishing Departments are in two shifts;mold Shop depends on the emergency; production workshop[ in two shifts. 

How long is the lead-time for a mold?

It is hard to say. It all depends on the molds’ size,complexity and design. Normally, the lead-time is ranges from 20–50days.

How about your Payment Terms and shipping terms?

It’s  4-3-3 and 5-5 terms,

Molds: 40% deposit upon the PO,30% after T1,and 30% balanced after sample approved.

Production order: 50% deposit upon the PO,50% balanced before the shipment.

Shipping Terms: Negotiable, we’d like to suggest a best shipping method according to the Weight or CBMs of the cargo.

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